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You may have different digits than you see in other account holders. It’s weird but it’s true. But you must have to make your account number to 13 digits to have or get money online.

Here is the process to make it happen –

a. 108.101.123     will be 1081010000123     (add four zeros to make it 13 Digit)
b. 108.101.1234    will be 1081010001234    (add three zeros to make it 13 Digit)
c. 108.101.12345  will be 1081010012345    (add two zeros to make it 13 Digit)
d. 108.101.123456 will be 1081010123456   (add one zero to make it 13 Digit)

For more information, please call to the DBBL Call Center Number – 16216 and 01822-222365