After the first car engine broke, I felt like the saddest person in the world. I don’t have any money at all. Neither I have friends here nor I have I’m in good stand with the professor in terms of projects. What I am?
Maybe a good example of failure. Still, support from family(father, mother, sister, in-law) means a lot.

All credit goes to my umbrella alike father. Without him I am nothing.

Btw, I got another car. It’s way more expensive compared to the last one. This one cost me around $8.5K. I had only around 1~1.5K. I took the whole money from In-law(Zahangir Bhaiya).

I am financially completely broken after getting this car. For the first time in my life, I borrow money from someone and can’t payback. I feel so nuisance. But considering Meem is a nice person she isn’t even asking it for once. I am planning to get the money from my BD account and repay her. Let’s see. I have to arrange a way to get the money via paypal.