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I was reading an article on medium. The following part amazed me. So, I thought of keeping this part as note which might be helpful to anyone.
A man went to a Buddhist monastery for a silent retreat. After he finished, he felt better, calmer, stronger, but something was missing. The teacher said he could talk to one of the monks before he left. The man thought for a while, then asked:
“How do you find peace?”
The monk said:
“I say yes. To everything that happens, I say yes.”
When the man returned home, he was enlightened. This one is actually real. The man is Kamal Ravikant. In an interview , he shares his interpretation of the monk’s advice:
“Most of our pain, most of our suffering comes from resistance to what is. Life is. And when we resist what life is, we suffer. When you can say yes to life, surrender to life and say: “Okay, what should I be now?” That’s where power comes from.”
When the weather is bad, when your crush won’t answer, when the obstacle won’t budge, don’t say no. Don’t dig in your heels and push and shove until your veins pop out in frustration. Say yes. Accept. Breathe. Life is flowing. Always. It’s us trying to swim upstream. Let the current carry you instead.